Here you Live , you Eat , you Work , you Shop !!

Rungneel The boutique café , opened on 31st October 2017, It is one of its kind and stand as a solitary exception which offers not only vibrant multi-cuisine but also an exclusive shopping destination. The boutique is huge with exquisite collection of apparels, home furnishing, furniture, Jewelry, traditional footwear, organic spices, leather bags mesmerizing antiques and artifacts. The boutique also offers huge range of carpets and rugs which includes hand woven, silk, woolen and a lot more. The place is a hidden gem and a complete shopping destination.

The café in the front of the boutique which is a perfect setup for your meetings, parties, co-working and get together. The café offers varieties in coffee, breakfast, with cuisines like Italian, chinese, Mexican, Lebanese with delicious desserts and beverages.

We have a passion of promoting and conserving our Arthouse by constantly developing new designs with innovative ideas and creative execution . A perfect blend of traditional and modern vision.

We also offers backpacker’s hostel- Lostouse in the same premises which itself is a unique concept of community living. Do checkout for more information